A Message from Kellie Rasberry

For the longest time, it was just Emma Kelly and me. And as a single mom, my goal was to raise a daughter filled with a spirit of independence, generosity, compassion and confidence. It's a goal I’m still striving to achieve to this day. So when I was looking for the perfect name to represent my venture into the fashion business, Emma Kelly & Me was my first and only choice.

Emma Kelly & Me is a clothing and accessories boutique with a goal of dressing women and women-in-training in apparel that gives them confidence. I believe clothing does more than just cover the body. Clothing is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. If Emma Kelly & Me can help a woman feel confident by wearing our clothing, then we have done a beautiful thing because CONFIDENCE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Because we love “go-with-everything” basics, Emma Kelly & Me hand-selects pieces that are high quality, functional, and versatile. Plus, we keep an eye on the current trends, giving you some fun accent pieces that will keep your basics from being anything but boring. We hope you love shopping with Emma Kelly & Me as much as we love building this collection for you! #confidenceisbeautiful